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Career Exploration Summer Camp 2022

July 25 – 29, 2022 at Rio Hondo College

Being knowledgeable and skilled in providing first aid can help you to make your school, home and community a safer place to be.

The STEM Creator Pack features activities across science, technology, engineering, math and more.

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About CTE Summer Camp 2022

The purpose of the summer CTE Career Exploration Summer Camp is to expose middle school students to careers in various industry sectors, as well as opportunities in higher education. All modules address applied mathematics/science and technology in the selected modules. Usually the summer camp takes place on the Rio Hondo College campus but this summer we’ve gone virtual. We have partnered with three districts for the Rio Hondo College service area to pilot a virtual summer camp.

Each module will be facilitated by college and/or high school faculty assisted by current Rio Hondo College students. The summer camp will consist of virtual instruction and hands-on projects. In partnership with the STEM/CTE Teacher’s Pipeline, we introduce students enrolled in the STEM/CTE programs to the field of teaching by assisting our faculty in the (virtual) classroom.


Thank you to our awesome partners Little Lake City School District, we appreciate your assistance through the planning and implementation phase of our virtual summer camp.

First Aid, CPR, and Careers in Health  


Being knowledgeable and skilled in providing first aid can help you to make your school, home and community a safer place to be. When a person is injured or becomes suddenly ill, your quick action can prevent the injury or illness from worsening, and it may even save the person’s life. Although every emergency situation is unique, understanding basic principles of giving first aid care will always serve you well. This fun and hands-on class will teach participants how to recognize signs of an emergency and how to properly respond to one by providing first aid care. Topics will cover: Hand hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face coverings, checking an injured or ill person, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), bandaging, first aid for choking, tourniquet use and various careers in health. 

Primeros auxilios, reanimación cardiopulmonar y carreras en el sector salud:  Estar bien informado y capacitado para brindar primeros auxilios puede ayudar a hacer de tu escuela, hogar y comunidad un lugar más seguro. Esta clase divertida y práctica le enseñará a los participantes cómo reconocer los signos de una emergencia y cómo responder adecuadamente a uno proporcionando atención de primeros auxilios. 

students learn CPR

What students learn

STEMify your Summer  

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Students will receive a kit that includes all the hands-on materials to build five exciting projects. The STEM Creator Pack features activities across science, technology, engineering, math and more! All activities are completely hands-on and will have students excited and engaged for hours as they create, explore, discover, and innovate! Facilitated by college faculty

Los estudiantes recibirán un kit que incluye todos los materiales prácticos para construir cinco proyectos emocionantes. ¡El STEM Creator Pack presenta actividades en ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería, matemáticas y más! ¡Todas las actividades son completamente prácticas y harán que los estudiantes se entusiasmen y participen durante horas mientras crean, exploran, descubren e innovan!



Everyone uses maps to get where we need to go, but who creates them? Businesses use maps to deliver and receive food, medicine, and all kinds of materials. Biologists use maps to monitor wildlife and habitats. Maps allow people to quickly respond to fires and emergencies. Discover how maps guide us across the globe and in your neighborhood. Have fun with interactive and hands-on activities. Create three-dimensional maps. Learn to use a compass! Observe and collect information about our world then craft that information into maps for others to use and follow. Crafting maps will be a blast…MapCraft!

Todos usamos mapas para llegar a donde debemos ir, pero ¿quién los crea? Las empresas usan mapas para entregar y recibir alimentos, medicinas y todo tipo de materiales. Observa y recopila información sobre nuestro mundo y luego construye con esa información varios mapas digitales para que otros los usen y sigan. Crear mapas será una maravilla … ¡MapCraft!

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A short virtual tour of Rio Hondo College.

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